Sugarloaf- Lavender

Sugarloaf- Lavender

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Be Kind To Your Rest

The gateway to the garden of Ireland, a glorious sugarloaf mountain awaits your arrival through the gates of Wicklow surrounded by blissful fields of Lavender.


The Great Sugarloaf gets its name from its steep slopes and conical shape. It protrudes from the landscape just like a pile of sugar. In Irish, the mountain is known as “ O Cualann”, which derives from the ancient territory around North Wicklow.
During more recent periods of glaciation, when Wicklow was covered by a large ice sheet, constant freezing and thawing over thousands of years shattered the rocks on the mountainside. On a clear day, it is possible to see Snowdonia and other mountains in Wales.

The mountain's significant amenity of cultural and natural heritage continues to be a popular destination for walkers. Beneath the lavender fields blossom. We absolutely had to honour Wicklow's most known and celebrated landmark with this phenomenal blend of hand-rolled lavender incense.


We use Lavender to fragrance the home, especially in the evening or night-time. Lavender creates a warm and relaxing environment and can help relieve anxiety and mental tension. This scent is perfect for lifting your emotional well-being and creating a harmonious balance in your inner psyche.
The calming powers of Lavender are well known for lulling people into a peaceful slumber. Lavender was also used in Spanish and Portuguese churches to cleanse the space of negative energies.

Lavender in spirituality represents purity and virtue, that’s why it is the symbol of the virgin Mary. Spiritual healing, purification and easing of tension are the prophetic meanings of Lavender.

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