Hollywood- Frankincense & Myrrh

Hollywood- Frankincense & Myrrh

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Be Kind To Your Breath

Frankincense accesses a higher state of consciousness, connecting the individual to a universal spirituality. On a practical level, with its ability to still the mind and deepen the breath, it aids contemplation and meditation. Frankincense, the ancient pathway to prayer, still has the potential to enable the soul to soar.” Frankincense: Oman’s Gift to the World, Juliet Highet.

We matched this incredible blend of luxury hand-rolled incense with Hollywood. A beautiful village nestled in the valleys of west Wicklow. Hollywood is situated on the Wicklow Gap and is the starting point of St Kevin’s way, the famous pilgrimage.
Locals erected the famous Hollywood sign on the mountain on entry to the village, in honour of the Californian
adoption of the name. The name Hollywood derives from “Holy Wood” dating back to St Kevin who prayed here and found solitude.
The Hollywood medieval stone is also a huge find for historians, it is one of only 2 other medieval labyrinths to be found in Ireland to date, the rock is full of a maze of carvings said to represent the journey of St Kevin.


Research by John Hopkins University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem indicated burning frankincense activates certain mood-enhancing ion channels in the brain. Ion channels, found inside brain cells called microglia, play an important role in transmitting nerve impulses and regulating cells, transporting nutrients and ions, activating T-cells and releasing beta-cell insulin. Several clinical studies have shown that modifying the activity of ion channels with frankincense reduces depression.

Egyptians used frankincense in their rituals. Frankincense constituted part of the Jewish incense of the sanctuary and is frequently mentioned in the Pentateuch.
Frankincense alone is responsible for creating the trade routes linking southern Arabia to India, the Mediterranean, and the silk road in China. The demand for Frankincense and Myrrh waned with the rise of Christianity, which forbade the burning of incense because of its associations with pagan worship.


The use of Myrrh medicinally was recorded in China in a.d 600 during the Tang Dynasty
MYRHH medicinally was recorded in China in a.d 600 during the Tang Dynasty Myrrh is used today in Chinese medicine to treat wounds, relieve painful swelling, and treat menstrual pain due to blood stagnation.
Myrrh was also used by the Egyptians as an embalming agent. Both have been promoted as cures for a variety of ailments, from digestive trouble to pain relief. At the time of Jesus, these gifts were worth the same as, if not more than gold.